Hybrid and Timber Frame Homes
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Getting Started

Determining your involvement in the project:


This requires that you do all of the dry-in and finish construction for the home yourself. Being a self-builder will provide you larger savings compared to the other two methods, but the savings can diminish with expenses of tools, labor, and potential time delays that will add interest to a construction loan. This option is only suggested if you have experience with the specific type of construction you will need for the completion of your home.

Self-General Contractor:

This requires that you coordinate the project, but is less labor intensive than the self-builder, because you will hire workers to complete the dry-in and finish construction. This is one of the most popular choices because of the potential savings of up to 10-20% of the budget.

General Contractor:

This allows you to hire a contractor to coordinate and complete your entire project. You will have fewer concerns with financing, and more competitive bids from sub-contractors, but you will find it to be the most expensive choice of the three construction options. This option is suggested for most home owners.

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