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Tips for Choosing a Log Home Builder

Posted by Nick Webb on March 20, 2014

If you have always dreamed of owning a log home, you might be thinking about having it custom built. This will allow you to have your dream house built to your exact specifications, but you will have to find a log home builder before you can get started. Luckily, these tips will help you choose the perfect log home builder to build your dream home.   Decide on Materials Different builders use different materials, so […]

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Log Home Costs

Posted by Nick Webb on February 25, 2014

“Are log homes expensive?” may be the most-asked question in the marketplace, and is also the most difficult one to answer. The customers aren’t the only ones who get discouraged. Suppliers and builders know if that an answer cannot be provided with some ease then they could lose a customer. Nonetheless, the reality is the reply more often than not is “that depends”. So many factors affect the total cost of a new home; therefore, […]

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Log Home Types

Posted by Nick Webb on February 23, 2014

There are two categories of log homes: milled and handcrafted. Initially, you might not recognize what you’re looking at; however the following are some fundamentals to assist in distinguishing the two. A handcrafted home means the logs are peeled and notched manually, and in some cases, each log is scribed (to mark or score wood with a pointed instrument as a guide to cutting or assembling) to fit exactly on the top of another. In […]

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