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Energy Efficiency in Log Cabin Homes

Posted by admin on January 2, 2017

Nothing represents the rustic, rural charm of the Great Smoky Mountains like a log cabin home. Whether you’re renting one for a cozy getaway vacation or actually call one home year-round, no one can deny the pleasures of a mountainside log cabin. These old-fashioned structures may hark back to a bygone age, but does that mean that they are just that: old-fashioned, bygone relics? In today’s world, energy efficiency and eco-friendliness are on everyone’s minds. […]

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What Are Kiln Dried Logs

Posted by admin on November 1, 2016

For both burning and building, dried wood has many devotees. Left to its own devices, wood will absorb and release moisture in response to its surrounding climate and environment. Unfortunately, this wood—known as “green” wood— will shrink and expand inconsistently under this regime, making it difficult to use as a building component much less to feed a fire. While it is possible to use for certain custom-built homes and hand-crafted furniture, green wood is a […]

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Log Home Kits vs. Stick Built Log Homes

Posted by admin on September 21, 2016

You’ve always dreamed of having a cozy vacation cabin in the woods or on the lake, or perhaps would even like your primary home to be a rustic and sturdy log home. But you don’t really know how to make your dreams a reality. There are so many builders that are ready to help build your dream home, but most fall into one of two categories. Log homes can either be built from kits or […]

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